Show Rules

  1. Details of closing times for entries and times of staging are shown on each show schedule. Entries may be in writing, by Email or over the telephone to the Show Secretary.
  1. No entry fee is payable by members exhibiting at shows. There is no entry fee for any children’s class.
  2. All exhibits for prizes must have been grown by the exhibitor for three months, unless grown from seed in less time. Any exhibitor breaking this rule will forfeit all claims to prizes.  The rule does not apply to flowers used in flower arrangement classes.
  1. No one shall enter more than one exhibit in any one class, except in the any other vegetable class. There shall be no limit to the prizes any competitor may win.
  1. Members of the same family living in the same household are eligible to exhibit in the same class.
  2. Number of exhibits required in collections and groups are listed in the Show Scoring Section.
  3. All exhibits should be named as far as possible.
  4. Exhibitors must comply with the regulations for the staging of a Show. Interference with another exhibitor’s materials will be penalised by disqualification from all entries.
  1. Society vases must be used for all flower exhibits excluding floral art.  Exhibitors using the Society’s vases will, at the close of the Show, be responsible for returning these to the members of the committee.
  1. The decision of the judges shall be final, and they may withhold or modify any prize.
  2. The committee may, on the recommendation of the judges, award extra prizes in any class.
  3. Any member or exhibitor desiring to lodge a protest must hand the same to the Secretary in writing within one hour of the Show being opened to the public.  No protests will be accepted without a deposit of £1, which will be forfeited at the discretion of the committee unless the protest is substantiated. The decision of the committee shall be final and conclusive.
  1. The Society will not hold itself responsible for any loss or damage to the exhibits.

Flower Arranging Rules

  1. Arrangements may be assembled either at the show or elsewhere but must be the work of the exhibitor only.
  2. All arrangements must be of fresh plant material unless otherwise stated in the schedule and cut ends must be in water or water-retaining material. Dried, artificial or artificially coloured material may not be used unless otherwise stated in the schedule.
  3. Unless otherwise stated in the schedule, arrangements will stand in alcoves measuring 3 feet high, 2 feet wide and approx. 2 feet deep (90x60x60cms). Where arrangements are to stand on open tabling, dimensions will be given in the schedule for width and depth.  Height is unrestricted. Drapes and accessories may NOT be used unless otherwise stated. Miniature arrangements should not measure more than 4 inches (10cms) overall and petite arrangements between 4 inches (10cms) and 9 inches (22.5cms) overall.
  4. The judge’s decision shall be final at all shows and they may withhold or modify any prize. Additional prizes may be awarded on the judges’ recommendations.
  5. These rules do not apply to children’s flower arrangements.  These can be any size and will be staged on open tabling.